Director: Steve Taylor
Writers: Donald Miller, Ben Pearson and Steve Taylor
Cast: Claire Holt, Tania Raymonde, Jason Marsden, Marshall Allman and Eric Lange
Studio: Roadside Attractions

Don is about to graduate from High School and is headed to Bible College. He’s then faced with a situation that shakes him to his core. He ends up at Reed College, a liberal college in Oregon. The stories that follow show us the author’s real struggles with faith and how he comes to grips with his own spirituality aside from the oppressive, rigid religious home he was raised in.

But Don realizes that no matter how much he tries to escape God, he has failed. He realizes there is imperfection in the world – youth pastors mess up, parents let you down, people have affairs, cooperations screw over the little guy but in spite of that there is a lot of good in the world. When the movie is over, many of the character’s questions of what is the meaning of life remain to be fully answered.

“Blue Like Jazz” fares a lot better than the usual Kirk Cameron schlock. However, it still suffers from the problems that befall Christian cinema. The movie lives so far up its own ass, that it can’t perceive a world where it isn’t the prominent lifestyle. In a way, it almost suits the teenage leads of the film. But, we’re talking about a world religion and not Sweet Valley High. The sheer gall that “Blue Like Jazz” expects us to treat the subject matter with kid gloves leaves me a little bothered. Still, it is what it is.

RELEASE DATE: 04/13/2012


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