In a rare and emotional television interview, Angelina Jolie sits down exclusively with NBC News’ Ann Curry. The U.N. Goodwill ambassador talks to Curry about World Refugee Day, and she details her experiences in refugee camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan and how they affected her and her family. She also talks about her children, and she reveals how her teenage years could have been different. The interview will air tomorrow, Friday, June 19 on “Today.”

Excerpts from the interviews are below.


ANN CURRY: “When you first became a UN goodwill ambassador, the question was asked by a writer, ‘is she the next Audrey Hepburn. Well, we won’t really know for a decade or two.’ Been almost ten years. Are you as she did, grabbing onto something that you’re not going to let go?”

ANGELINA JOLIE: “I’m lucky to be in this. And I’m sure Audrey Hepburn felt the same. That she was the fortunate one to be able to meet all those kids around the world. You know, we’re just in a very fortunate situation that we get to be able to give a voice to these extraordinary people.”

ANN CURRY: “See yourself as an old woman doing it?”



ANGELINA JOLIE: “There’s been refugees since the dawn of time. And I’m sure, you know, my children will be visiting and learning from refugees in the future.”


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