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Wild Eye Releasing Announces Digital and Blu-Ray Release of Director John Migliore’s OUIJA SHARK 2

Are you ready for the highly-anticipated follow-up to the smash cult hit OUIJA SHARK? Wild Eye Releasing has just announced that Director John Migliore’s OUIJA SHARK 2 will be available on digital platforms on July 25 and on Blu-ray on August 15. Get ready for more action-packed horror as the Ouija Shark emerges from Hell to cause havoc once again on earth.

This time, a sorcerer with a history of fighting the ghostly great white must follow the Ouija Shark into a multiverse hellscape for one final battle. But he won’t be alone, as he brings along some friends to help send the shark into oblivion.

Wild Eye Releasing Announces Digital and Blu-Ray Release of Director John Migliore's OUIJA SHARK 2 1

In addition to the movie itself, the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will include an array of bonus materials that fans won’t want to miss. This includes a commentary with Director John Migliore, North American Premiere Q&A, Japanese Theatrical Q&A, Japanese Theatrical Interview, Japanese Promo Videos, Japanese Christmas Message, France Theatrical Promo, Behind The Scenes Image Gallery, Stills Gallery, Deleted Scene, Alternate Take, Trailers, and two Blu-Ray exclusives – a folded poster and slipcase.

The film stars Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith, Kylie Gough, Simon Wheeldon, and John Migliore himself. Don’t miss the summer release of OUIJA SHARK 2, the thrilling follow-up to the original cult classic.

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