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Why Retro Afrika Demands Your Attention [Review]

The Retro Afrika movies have been discussed for the past year on AndersonVision. However, I don’t think enough of you are getting why I love these movies. There is something about making low grade riffs on popular Hollywood fare that pleases me. Mainly, because it’s indicative of what a culture can pass onto another’s entertainment.

First up, we have Hostage. A local kingpin tries to blackmail a local businessman to use his warehouse for drug storage. When he refuses, people start getting kidnapped. What happens next is a madcap whirlwind of crime drama that caps out at 74 minutes. That’s one thing about these movies, they don’t waste time.

Rich Girl is The Bodyguard for the South African scene. A rich girl gets kidnapped alongside her brand new bodyguard. That’s when the bodyguard decides to smash skulls to impress his new client. I love painful screams in Zulu.

Isiboshwa is an Amblin film on a cheap budget with kids setting booby traps. It’s like the Goonies if shot by someone who really didn’t mind putting kids in danger. It’s probably my favorite release out of these recent Retro Afrika films. Push comes to shove, it’s the easiest one to impress a wide audience.

Recently, the New York Times did a piece on legendary South African director Tonie van der Merwe. Check it out and learn something about this wonderful productions.

Retro Afrika’s latest Collection is available now!

Retro Afrika


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