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This DVD contains four interesting and eye-opening segments. Do Animals Know Right From Wrong? – Scientists studying animal cognition are revealing the machinery of animals’ moral compasses. Pigeon GPS – We know that homing pigeons can find their way back to their lofts over hundreds of miles of unfamiliar terrain. What we don’t know is how they do it. Hive Genius – Investigate the inner workings of communication patterns within a giant bee colony. Profile: Laurie Santos – Yale scientist Laurie Santos is studying a community of more than 900 monkeys who live in a society that is eerily similar to our own. Can Santos’ research reveal the evolutionary roots of human foibles?


“What Are Animals Thinking” is a four part investigation into the thought patterns of your beloved pets and their wild relatives. While some might accuse the documentary of trying to anthropomorphize creatures that shit in the woods, there’s really something to it. Whether it’s learning about the intricate social settings of bees to how birds use internal GPS to know where to find a safe home, there are fascinating microcosms within animal communities. Plus, it gets you to start thinking about respecting your animal equals more. That’s right, punks. I’m all about the animal rights up in here.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for standard definition. However, there are minor moments of digital noise. The Dolby track supports the dialogue and that’s all that matters for an important documentary like this. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.



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