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Watch the Official Trailer for Thriller Ruthless Starring Dermot Mulroney

The official trailer has arrived for the upcoming action thriller Ruthless, coming to digital platforms and on demand December 15th from Saban Films. Dermot Mulroney stars as a bereaved father who takes vengeance into his own hands.

Mulroney plays Harry, a high school wrestling coach still reeling from his daughter’s murder. When one of his students vanishes under similar circumstances, Harry risks everything to take down the human traffickers responsible.

The trailer shows Harry transform from mourning father to ruthless vigilante. He stops at nothing to bring the kidnapped girl home, even if it means compromising his humanity.

Watch the Official Trailer for Thriller Ruthless Starring Dermot Mulroney 1

Directed by Art Camacho, Ruthless co-stars Jeff Fahey, Melissa Diaz, and Mauricio Mendoza. The script comes from Camacho, James Dean Simington, Javier Reyna, and Koji Steven Sakai.

With its tale of one man’s all-consuming quest for payback, Ruthless promises a dark thriller punctuated by intense action. Mulroney brings gravitas to the complex lead role.

Look for Ruthless when it premieres on digital platforms and VOD on December 15th.

The film explores how trauma and grief can turn an ordinary man into a merciless avenger.

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