“War Pigs” wants to be “The Dirty Dozen”. No, it wants to be “Inglorious Basterds”! Hell, it spends its entire runtime just trying to find an identity. Unfortunately, its cast of stunning action stars isn’t enough to muster up a damn in the muck. Luke Goss and Dolph Lundgren get the steal a bit of the spotlight, while Mickey Rourke spends most of the film looking lost. But, it’s a macho powered World War II movie!

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to climb over the low points of the film. The camera work is shakier than a Greengrass disciple on the low end of his Topamax. The film plays like every other Eurotrash clone that’s been aping Hollywood’s war output since “Kelly’s Heroes”. It is violent, wants to be edgy and yet never has a point. I dig man on a mission movies, but there’s got to be a hook for being this campy.

The hook never comes and what we get is something that belonged to the delegation of its DTV compatriots. Most readers will never have a chance to see this in theaters, so your best shot is VOD or home video. I can’t say that is a bad thing, as having the ability to turn it off might leave you with better memories of the end result. There’s a ghost of an amazing film here, but never materialized.

Release Date: 9/18/15

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