“Viva” has been called many things since Ireland tried to get it an Oscar nomination. Many say that it’s a slight attempt at understanding the drag culture. While others didn’t get why Irish filmmakers were trying to make a film about Cuba’s Drag scene. So much of the film hangs on the traditional story of a father not approving of his queer son. Yet, there’s nothing else. Dad doesn’t like son being open. Son wants to act out Kinky Boots: Havana Nights.

The family fights and then reconciles. All the while, you’re trying to forget the cock flash just 2 minutes into the movie. This film have its fans, but it’s not going to win over a new audience. Give it a stream out of curiosity.


  • 1hr and 40 mins
  • R
  • Lionsgate

RELEASE DATE: 8/30/2016

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