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Vertical Secures US Rights to Romantic Comedy ‘She Came to Me’ Following Its Impressive Berlin Premiere

Exciting news for movie enthusiasts! Vertical has recently acquired the US rights to the romantic comedy ‘She Came to Me,’ which premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival 2023 and kicked off the festival’s opening night.

Directed and written by the acclaimed filmmaker Rebecca Miller, known for her works like ‘Maggie’s Plan,’ ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,’ and ‘Personal Velocity,’ this star-studded film features an ensemble cast including Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei, Joanna Kulig, Brian d’Arcy James, Harlow Jane, and Evan Ellison. With Vertical planning a theatrical release, audiences can look forward to experiencing this delightful love story set in the vibrant city of New York.

Vertical Secures US Rights to Romantic Comedy 'She Came to Me' Following Its Impressive Berlin Premiere 1
Photo Credit: Protagonist Pictures

‘She Came to Me’ revolves around the character of Steven Lauddem, portrayed by Emmy Award-winning Peter Dinklage. Steven, a composer struggling with a creative block while working on his comeback opera, seeks inspiration to complete his score.

At the suggestion of his former therapist-turned-wife, Patricia (played by Academy Award-winning Anne Hathaway), Steven embarks on a journey through New York City. It is during this exploration that he encounters the spirited Katrina, played by Academy Award-winning Marisa Tomei. As their paths intertwine, Steven’s life takes an unexpected turn, revealing the boundless possibilities of love and self-discovery.

Rebecca Miller, known for her exceptional storytelling prowess, directs and writes ‘She Came to Me.’ With her previous critically acclaimed works, Miller has established herself as a talented filmmaker. The film features a talented ensemble cast, led by the remarkable performances of Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway, and Marisa Tomei. Their on-screen chemistry brings the characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to this charming romantic comedy.

The film is produced by AI Films, with Damon Cardasis and Rebecca Miller representing Round Films, and Pamela Koffler, Christine Vachon, Len Blavatnik, and Anne Hathaway representing Killer Films and Somewhere Pictures. Executive producers include Danny Cohen, Amanda Ghost, Vince Holden, with Cindy Tolan and Ged Dickersin serving as co-producers.

The cinematography is masterfully handled by Sam Levy, while the musical score is composed by Bryce Dessner, known for his work on ‘The Revenant.’ Notably, the film features an original song titled “Addicted to Romance” by the legendary Bruce Springsteen, which premiered during the Berlin World Premiere, adding to the film’s allure.

Vertical, with their heartfelt passion and belief in the film, will bring ‘She Came to Me’ to audiences nationwide. Peter Jarowey, Partner at Vertical, expressed admiration for the cast and praised Rebecca Miller’s masterful storytelling. The producers of the film are thrilled to have Vertical as their distribution partner, recognizing their shared vision to bring this moving, funny, and unique movie to audiences.

Prepare to be captivated by the magic of ‘She Came to Me,’ as Vertical secures the US rights to this heartwarming romantic comedy.

With its stellar cast, talented filmmaker, and a story that promises laughter and love, this film is set to charm audiences nationwide. Stay tuned for the theatrical release date, and get ready to immerse yourself in the delightful world created by Rebecca Miller and her team of exceptional filmmakers.

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