Turbo Power Rangers movie

Turbo is a movie that I forgot existed. I was talking to Shout Factory about it and I asked why are you releasing the same month twice in 90 days? That’s when Shout let me know that two Power Rangers were made. It’s weird having a blind spot in your pop culture knowledge.

Power Rangers movies don’t have staying power with people who weren’t part of its cultural impact. I was aware of them as a teenager, but I can’t say that I grew up with them. So, watching this film after seeing the first movie released a few months ago was interesting. It feels like you’re getting the season finale to a show you never watched. While this would hook kids, I was left shrugging. The Blu-ray comes with featurettes and a trailer.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie arrives on July 30th

Turbo Power Rangers movie


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