“Green Room” is another one of those films that I had to swim through dozens of “experts” telling me was going to change the world. I was only a casual fan of Blue Ruin, so it’s not like I was following the director. But, the premise of a punk band fighting Neo Nazis seemed interesting. Patrick Stewart plays against type as the Neo Nazi leader of a club that happens to be covering up a recent murder. Fearing that the punk band saw the crime, what ensues is a battle between punks and Neo Nazis to survive.

Despite the clean polish, this film could’ve played the late 70s Drive-In circuit. Stewart’s snarls and accent are a little bizarre, but it works for the feel of the movie. The one thing that didn’t work for me was Imogen Poots. She’s a great actress and I get why they included her to move the plot along. It’s just that so much of what she did could’ve been blended into Alia Shawkat’s character. I hope like hell that many readers give the film a shot. Just be forewarned that aspects of the film might’ve been overhyped.


  • 1 hr and 35 mins
  • R
  • A24


  • 98%
    Film Score - 98%

The Plot Thus Far

A punk rock band is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.

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