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Tito and the Birds [Blu-ray review]

Tito and the Birds is the best bird disease film. Well, the best recent one. This Brazilian animated film deals with people dropping dead due to an avian pestilence. Unfortunately, people can only survive by being happy. Young Tito thinks he can find a cure based on his father’s notes on bird song.

Foreign animation is having a bit of a wonderful revival. Such exciting ideas, colorful design work and open-armed embraces of kids being discerning viewers is welcomed. When you treat kid audiences like idiots, then they grow up to be the kind of people that have hard and fast opinions on Vin Diesel movies.

This movie plays short at 73 minutes, so I’d recommend using it as a entry point for a kid in your life. They will enjoy it, I promise you.

Tito and the Birds arrives on April 23rd, 2019

tito and the birds

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