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The Unnamed Footage Festival Unveils Its Thrilling First Wave of Films for 2024

The Unnamed Footage Festival (UFF), renowned for its unique focus on Found Footage Horror, First Person POV, and Faux Documentary films, is thrilled to announce an exciting lineup for its seventh edition. From March 28th to 31st, UFF7 will showcase an array of the most intriguing, bizarre, and unseen films from the In-World camera genre.

This year, the festival promises a diverse collection of stories, including cryptids, liminal horror, possession, and the chilling realities of live streaming, across various venues including the ATA, Balboa Theatre, and the 4-Star.

Unnamed Footage Festival Pre-Festival Celebrations and Special Screenings

The excitement begins even before the official start, with pre-fest events set to captivate audiences. A special 10th Anniversary screening of As Above So Below will be presented at Terror Tuesday, in partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse at the New Mission location on March 26th. Additionally, the first-ever badgeholder-exclusive pre-festival event & mixer will take place at the Artists’ Television Access in the Mission district on March 27th, promising an evening of networking and anticipation.

The Unnamed Footage Festival Unveils Its Thrilling First Wave of Films for 2024 1

Opening Night and Featured Films

The festival officially kicks off with the annual Recalibration Party on March 28th, setting the stage for a weekend filled with groundbreaking films. Highlights include the much-anticipated premiere of Horror in the High Desert 3: Firewatch, a sequel shrouded in mystery and anticipation, and Looky-Loo, a new work from the creators behind Straight Edge Kegger, offering a deep dive into voyeurism and obsession.

Other notable selections in the first wave of films include Frogman, an innovative take on cryptid documentary filmmaking; Flesh Games, a dark exploration of stunt comedy; and #BLUE_WHALE, a screenlife film that navigates the perils of online communities. Additionally, Do Not Watch presents a meta-narrative on the editing process of found footage films, while Mind Body Spirit explores the unintended consequences of delving into one’s past. Livescreamers, inspired by video game live streams, rounds out the first wave with its unique blend of interactive entertainment and horror.

The Unnamed Footage Festival Unveils Its Thrilling First Wave of Films for 2024 3

More to Come

With more premieres, special events, and retro screenings yet to be announced, UFF7 is shaping up to be an unforgettable experience for fans and filmmakers alike. Badges are now available for purchase, offering access to this exclusive celebration of the found footage genre and its capacity to horrify, mystify, and engage audiences in equal measure.

Stay tuned for the complete schedule and second wave of film announcements, as the Unnamed Footage Festival continues to redefine the boundaries of horror and immersive storytelling.

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