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“The Metropole Remixes Vol.2” Unveiled: A Diverse Exploration of Musical Genius

Nomark has just unveiled “The Metropole Remixes Vol.2,” a sequel to its previous release, offering a fresh collection of ten imaginative reinterpretations of the original track. This latest album continues to push the boundaries of creativity, featuring a wide array of ambitious experiments that showcase the versatility and boundless potential of a single song to inspire.

Metropole Remixes Vol. 2 is a Symphony of Experimental Sounds

The album kicks off with Pienie’s epic rendition of “Metropole,” infusing the track with a sense of grandeur, followed by Bart Thissen’s shimmering version that encapsulates bliss. Herzihelmut adds a deconstructionist touch with “Remix2,” while The Envelope Man Remix intrigues with its beautifully disconcerting arrangement, punctuated by ethereal siren voices.

Tricil’s Remix electrifies with its industrial energy and Moroder-esque precision, demonstrating the album’s ability to captivate listeners with its inventive soundscapes.

From the infectious groove of Batavia’s Tears to the Radiohead-inspired introduction of Broken Spectre that evolves into a rhythmic delight, the album is a testament to the innovative spirit of music production. The YFN remix elevates the experience to peak rave euphoria, while Glitchkase adds a layer of sparkling malevolence to “Metropole.” The journey concludes with the Cooked Turkey Remix, blending abstract and playful elements into a fitting finale for this astonishing compilation.

Metropole Remixes Volume 2 Tracklist: A Showcase of Remix Artistry

  1. “Metropole” – Pienie Remix
  2. “Metropole” – Bart Thissen Remix
  3. “Metropole” – Herzihelmut Remix 2
  4. “Metropole” – The Envelope Man Remix
  5. “Metropole” – Tricil Remix
  6. “Metropole” – Batavia’s Tears Remix
  7. “Metropole” – Broken Spectre Remix
  8. “Metropole” – YFN Remix
  9. “Metropole” – Glitchkase Remix
  10. “Metropole” – Cooked Turkey Remix

The Genesis of The Metropole Remix Project

The project originated from discussions within the Nomark Discord channel, where the idea to remix “Metropole,” a track from Amon Tobin’s “Stone Giants West Coast Love Stories” album, was proposed. Amon Tobin opened up the stems for remixing, resulting in over 60 unique reinterpretations from both professional and amateur artists. This outpouring of talent led to the official compilation and release of a selection of these innovative mixes.

“The Metropole Remixes Vol.2” not only offers listeners a journey through diverse musical realms but also serves as a platform for Nomark to introduce a cohort of emerging talents and artists. This release is a celebration for those who venture beyond the algorithms in search of intriguing and compelling sounds.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the inventive world of “The Metropole Remixes Vol.2,” available now for digital download, on CD, colored vinyl LP, and the exclusive Super Deluxe Box Set Art Edition.

Join us on this remarkable auditory adventure that redefines the possibilities of remix culture.

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