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The Last Race review: Is it really?

The Last Race follows the 87 year history of a Long Island stock car racetrack. What’s neat is seeing a serious documentary about blue collar identity in the heart of a blue state. While it’s cool to see racing starting a cultural comeback, it still also gets backhanded with being the sport of rednecks. Over the next 75 minutes, this film aims to kick that stereotype in the teeth. The film is a living document rather than an attempt to highlight or even solve a problem.

I love that modern documentaries are switching to that format, as audiences are getting super tired of being talked down to by talking heads. Having people share their passion in an earnest fashion is needed. Especially when they’re staring down oblivion.

The Last Race special features

  • Additional Interviews, Scenes, and Footage
  • Theatrical Trailer

the last race

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