The Karate Kid Part III / The Next Karate Kid

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The Karate Kid Part III was such a letdown. Coming down from the 1-2 punch of the first movies, this third had no point. Originally starting off as a time travel plot, it became a paper thin Cobra Krai revenge plot that removed anyone that made the Cobra Kai matter. New villains, ill-defined love interests and a casually indifferent Miyagi made for a sour turn of a film. But, at least it wasn’t the 90s one.

The Next Karate Kid has one good thing going for it. That’s young Walt Goggins in a supporting role. Outside of that, it’s Miyagi remembers World War II in Boston. Hilary Swank is wasted as an already trained student who has to get retrained by Miyagi for the purpose of making a feature length movie. I would’ve liked some special features to distract me from the film.

The Third and Next Karate Kid comes to Blu-ray on January 8th!

next karate kid


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