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The Illusionist / Resurrecting The Champ [Blu-ray reviews]

The Illusionist came out in the mid 00s. That was back when AndersonVision was moving from hand coding to adapting to the new world of Web 2.0 and junk. It was a heady time when you could make The Prestige lite and Edward Norton was knocking out performances left and right. For those that complain about the movie, I get that The Prestige is better. However, I’ll always take The Illusionist in a pinch. All of the DVD special features get ported over.

The Illusionist

DCF 1.0

Resurrecting the Champ is a far cry from the first film. I’m not entirely sure what the Yari Film Group movies of the 00s are getting a re-release to Blu-ray. Still, it’s a fun way pick up films that went underseen 10-15 years ago. Plus, it’s always amazing to see Samuel L. Jackson really deliver the acting goods outside of QT and the MCU. All of the DVD special features including the Rod Lurie commentary have been ported over.

Illusionist and Resurrecting the Champ arrive on June 25th

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