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The Dog Doc movie review

The Dog Doc poster

The Dog Doc convinced me that Dr. Marty Goldstein is a miracle worker. Operating out of Westchester, Doc Goldstein doesn’t pull the latest and greatest in medical tech to save dogs’ lives. He leans harder into natural solutions and alternative therapies to treat dogs that others would have given up on by now.

It’s quite fascinating, even though it dips a toe into the alternative medicine horseshit that has ruined so many Mommy bloggers. That being said, it’s intriguing to see the carefully selected trials where a hit of Vitamin C or liquid nitrogen cures an issue that most docs would miss. I appreciate skill and technique. The Dog Doc brings both in spades.

That being said, the influential class of clientele bringing their dogs to the Doc are not indicative of the real world. Most people have to make real financial decisions about their pets. Meanwhile, we have upper class people waxing poetic about how Fido is responding to homeopathic injections. I know people that can’t afford homeopathic injections.

Still, I like seeing dogs fare well. I’m torn, but I kinda loved this one. During this national bit of downtime, make the time to check this one out.

The Dog doc is in theaters or VOD NOW!

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