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The Dark

The Dark doesn’t care to make sense of its monsters. Is the girl a zombie? Why does the blind boy look like that? For an indie movie, it has got me hooked with those visuals. But, why can’t I look away from these kids? To say that the film builds off the legacy of Let The Right One In is an understatement. But, it’s also a way different downbeat movie.

the dark

I know that some readers will not enjoy watching kids suffer and struggle to survive against the elements. Then, there’s the fact that the blind kid was taken to this wooded area by a kidnapping scumbag. Sure, he can’t see the zombie girl that is keeping him alive, but he knows something is wrong. Stockholm syndrome gives way to initial fears of survival.

Meanwhile, the zombie girl can’t quite figure out what to do with someone that wishes her no harm. The authorities are on their way, but what are they going to do? There is only one way to read a zombie holding a blind boy captive in her den of death. The film offers no easy answers, especially with its grim finale. Check it out this Halloween season.

The Dark is available now!

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