The AV Interview: Richard Riehle (Limbo, Grounded for Life, Office Space)


ANDERSONVISION: What was so appealing about making Limbo?

As in deciding about all projects, the criteria for me is: script, role, and people you’ll be working with. Limbo is such a clever script, full of intriguing ideas, and unexpected twists and turns, and much of the time nothing is as it seems. And then there’s Phil, who gets to have quite a variety of fun interactions with everyone, and tell silly jokes to boot. And what an extraordinary group of people to work with.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo
The AV Interview: Richard Riehle (Limbo, Grounded for Life, Office Space) 18

ANDERSONVISION: Do you feel that the COVID-19 Pandemic will lead to Limbo gaining a much larger audience?

Well, I can’t imagine a more entertaining way to spend ninety some minutes, either alone or with a group of friends all screening it at the same time. It’s funny, scary, thought provoking; with elements of action, romance, and sex thrown in. In conversations after the screening it’s sure to evoke all sorts of comments about content, performances and how different some of the actors are from other roles you’ve seen them in before.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

ANDERSONVISION: I’m a huge sitcom fan; as such I automatically associate you with Grounded for Life. What’s your best memory from that show?

Grounded For Life was a wonderful experience from top to bottom, and all the people involved were such fun to be around, that I’d look forward to going in to work everyday. I guess the whole Xmas episode, where Sean tries to prove he’s a better Santa than his old man and ends up hitting him with a tomato during the parade and getting into a fight also dressed as Santa in front of Henry on Xmas Eve has a trove of good memories.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo
The AV Interview: Richard Riehle (Limbo, Grounded for Life, Office Space) 20

ANDERSONVISION: Do you find Limbo to play more like situational horror ala The Twilight Zone or is it something else?

Although Limbo is filled with surprises and O’Henry like irony, I think it delves a little deeper into the questions it brings up and the consequences of the characters’ actions, and how many may be affected by the choices made than a Twilight Zone episode. And doesn’t need to be wrapped up neatly in 23 minutes, or at all.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

ANDERSONVISION: What was it like being a demonic record keeper?

There were many terrific things about being the demonic court record keeper, not the least those great horns. But the thing I enjoyed most was getting to watch each of the incredible actors do their turns. They are all extraordinary, and constantly surprising in their performances. And of course telling silly jokes.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

ANDERSONVISION: Does the courtroom drama lose its impact due to the inclusion of supernatural fantasy?

The AV Interview: Richard Riehle (Limbo, Grounded for Life, Office Space) 22

What makes courtroom drama fun and exciting are the life and death consequences of the trial. And the stakes are even higher in this case, where the result can be punishment in Hell for all eternity. And where not only the defendant is in jeopardy.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

ANDERSONVISION: As someone who worked on L.A. Law in the past, how has acting in legal fiction changed?

Legal drama really hasn’t changed that much. It’s about discovering truth, exonerating the innocent and punishing the guilty, and what everyone is willing to do to get the outcome they desire.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

ANDERSONVISION: What are you working on next?

Hard to say what’s next or when. It’s the unknown that’s the most difficult.

Richard Riehle star of Limbo

Limbo is now available on your preferred streaming and home entertainment platforms.

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