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The Art of Racing in the Rain [Review/Commentary]

The Art of Racing in the Rain is further proof of America’s disappearance up its own ass. Does that make this film bad? Not at all. However, it says so much about the audience.

Movies about dying/talking dogs are becoming quite the prevalent trend. This time, the dog is voiced by Kevin Costner. He gets to watch the cruel death of his housemates and eventually discovers the power of Eastern reincarnation. Why? Well, because this is what your parents enjoy now.

art of racing in the rain killer toy

Is it spiritual appropriation? Could it be a large section of the populace coming to terms with their mortality via the lives of lesser creatures? Even then, the dog gets to be reincarnated. Nothing ever ends, but the lives of strangers that only serve to move the plot along. Pad that narrative out with stars from This is Us and lesser Nicolas Sparks adaptations and you’ve got something to fill in the days before Hallmark Channel movies.

The Blu-ray comes with featurettes and a commentary. That’s pretty good for a smaller drama that didn’t quite light up the box office. The A/V Quality is equally impressive with minimal noise and a loud DTS-HD 7.1 mix. Ultimately, if this is your thing…check it out.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is available now!

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