Tarzan’s Three Challenges review: Tarzan’s Secret Thailand Trip

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Tarzan’s Three Challenges allows Tarzan to leave Africa for the second time. With no Jane in tow and limited Cheeta/Cheetah antics, Tarzan was free to achieve his dreams. Unfortunately, the same didn’t apply to the film. While Woody Strode impressed as Warlord Khan, this would mark Jock Mahoney’s last turn as Tarzan. Mahoney caught a severe illness shortly into filming which made him lose a ton of weight. Plus, no one was exactly sure how to get Tarzan into Thailand.

So, he parachutes video game style into the Thai jungle and then disguises himself as a monk. The bulk of the film is made up of three physical challenges, as Tarzan proves his might in the battle with the Warlord. What I love is how Tarzan’s Three Challenges doesn’t know what to do with the third act. So, the Warlord and Tarzan fight over vats of boiling oil. There is literally no rhyme or reason to it. So, the guys just have a final boss fight that ends with the most over-the-top death in a Tarzan movie.

Seriously, YouTube critics. We’re not always friendly, but I’m sending this one out to you. It’s a free video idea and the movie is now readily available to watch. Make a Tarzan month or something. If not, help me shoot a series where I highlight this crap. Things like this are why my brain doesn’t work anymore.

Tarzan’s Three Challenges is now available from Warner Archive!


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