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Director: Jennifer M. Kroot
Cast: George Takei, Brad Takei, Walter Koenig, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, John Cho
Studio: Starz Digital Media

“To Be Takei” is a look into the life of married couple George and Brad Takei. George is famous for being a nerd icon due to his time as Hikaru Sulu in the “Star Trek” franchise. George went on to spend time with Howard Stern and then he conquered a sizeable portion of the Internet. Roughly a third of the site’s readers feel free to blast me with whatever he posts on a daily basis. Even on Holidays! That being said, the man has a voice and he knows how to use it to talk to the world.

George Takei invites the audience along with him in a pretty unfiltered effort to show what it’s like to be Takei. You get the standard talking head interviews that praise him for all that he’s accomplished. Hell, you even get some praise from William Shatner. That’s like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. Then, the rest of the time, Shatner goes out of his way to act like he doesn’t even know George Takei. If Howard Stern can be gracious and kind, then Shatner can drop the old bastard schtick and give the man some good praise. It’s sickening to see that petty shit continue to this day.

Ultimately, the film is about a minority celebrity’s fascination with the changes in the status quo. Takei is often seen in the film talking about life has become like Science Fiction. For a man who began life in an Internment Camp, became a cult figure and then one of the biggest LGBT celebrity voices ever….life finds a way. There are no fences and boundaries when you look at life as something to be taken as a fun pursuit. George Takei is an inspiration to us all.


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