Best of 2019

Joker Best of 2019 pic by Matt Garretson 9.8 Amazing

Joker: I Love Everything You Hate [Top 25 of 2019]

Top 25 of 2019: #6 Joker People thought there were going to be mass shootings in Joker screenings. That was the initial line of derision. Then, came the talk of the film being Baby’s First Taxi ...

Diane best of 2019 AndersonVision art by Matt Garretson

Diane review: Best of 2019 #23

Diane is a film that has been percolating in my brain for a bit. Originally, we were going to live with this during Awards season. Unfortunately, most of the Awards outlets chose to ignore the movie. ...

Satanic Panic Matt Garretson carton

Satanic Panic (Top 25 of 2019)

#24 Satanic Panic Satanic Panic is a film that the Film Twitter horde recommended to me. Normally, it’s the kind of movie that falls into the cracks of my viewing patterns. After watching it a h...

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