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Support the Girls

Support the Girls hit the arthouse theaters in August. Thankfully, it’s finally finding attention in the last few weeks. Regina Hall lit up Gotham and Magnolia has just released the film onto Blu-ray. So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re looking for something like Clerks and/or Waiting, this might not work for you. However, it’s not a straight-up weepy drama. It’s a film about the bullshit of having to work with the public.

Regina Hall brings a realism that seems like it could sink a film like this. Instead of playing up laughs or drama, I buy her as a put-upon manager. Everyone is trying to ruin her day and endanger her employees. Yet, she’s trying to keep the place afloat and make it through another day. Considering that the film was from the guy that made Computer Chess, I wasn’t expecting such an emotional movie. When things like this happen, I’m always surprised.

While it won’t rank as one of my favorites of 2018, it’s super close to making that list. Give it a shot and check out a film you need to see. I promise you that it’s not a stealth sequel to Waiting.

Support the Girls screenshots courtesy of AndersonVision

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