Sunday News: Bliss, Level 16. Cult Epics June 2019 releases

Sunday News: Bliss, Level 16. Cult Epics June 2019 releases 5

Tribeca Film Festival Trailer Premiere: BLISS from Joe Begos

Known for her dark and macabre artwork, painter Dezzy Donahue (Dora Madison) is in a professional rut. Unable to finish her newest commissioned work, Dezzy looks to reignite her creative juices by letting loose-as in, taking every drug in sight and tearing through raucous house parties and heavy metal bars. After a few nights spent with her debauchery-loving friends Courtney (Tru Collins) and Ronnie (Rhys Wakefield), though, Dezzy notices changes within herself. On the positive side, she’s finally painting again, but she’s also developing a strange desire for blood. As someone who has never been able to control her vices in the first place, Dezzy is quickly and violently consumed by this bloodlust.

With his previous films, Almost Human (2013) and The Mind’s Eye (2015), filmmaker Joe Begos won the hearts of horror lovers through his stylistic nostalgia and inhibition-free penchant for brutality. Upping the ante, BLISS roars with searing visuals, kinetic energy, an endearing nastiness, and a ferociously all-in lead performance from Madison. Although it’s set in modern-day Los Angeles, BLISS harkens back to the grimy days of New York City grindhouse cinema, when films like Abel Ferrara’s The Driller Killer and Bill Lustig’s Maniac were the norm.

MY NIGHTS WITH SUSAN, SANDRA, OLGA & JULIE arrive on June 11, 2019 from Cult Epics


Cult Epics blu

Available now to pre-order, all purchases of My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie (via the Cult Epics website or this email) will include an exclusive numbered slipcase (featuring the original Italian poster art).

Ltd. Numbered Edition of 500 copies only

Susan (Frank & Eva’s Willeke Van Ammelrooy) lives in an idyllic farmhouse, along with the sex-loving youngsters Sandra, Olga and Julie, and the unstable voyeur Albert. A number of killings take place by these sex-vampires, but the allegations point towards Piet (Flodder’s Nelly Frijda), the crazy woman on the other side of the ditch. A young craftsman, Anton (Hans van der Gragt), soon visits and gets surprised by the dangerous ladies.

My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie was the last of Scorpio’s “Dutch Sex Wave” productions, directed by auteur filmmaker Pim de la Parra, masterfully shot in Techniscope by Marc Felperlaan (The Lift, The Northeners), featuring the last score by composer Elisabeth Lutyens (known for Hammer Films and Amicus Productions), and with a screenplay co-credited to Harry Kümel (Daughters of Darkness). Presented by Cult Epics for the first time ever in High-definition on Blu-Ray & DVD, stay in and have night out with these ladies of seduction.

LEVEL 16 Comes to Blu-ray & DVD on 4/30

Bliss Level 16

Comes to Blu-ray and DVD on April 30, 2019
“The plot is pitch-perfect, complimented further by each member of the cast’s performance”
“one of Fantastic Fest’s best films…Don’t sleep on this one!” – BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH

“Level 16 builds a compelling, complete little world in the halls of this institution that would feel right at home in a better-than-average YA novel, though here it’s perfectly scaled down for the requirements of a 102-minute movie.”COLLIDER
“a well-meaning film with some appealing retro-brutalist dystopian design” – FILMJOURNAL
“Though the comparisons to “The Handmaid’s Tale” are likely to arise, Level 16
is an altogether different beast. At its core, the two projects share a common theme of women fighting oppressive organizations but, thankfully, in the case of Esterhazy’s film, there is some hope at the end of the story.” – QUIET EARTH
Sixteen-year-old Vivien is trapped in The Vestalis Academy, a prison-like boarding school, keeping to herself and sticking her neck out for no one. Until she is reunited with Sophia — the former friend who betrayed her. Together the girls embark on a dangerous search to uncover the horrifying truth behind their imprisonment. Soon running for their lives, the girls must save themselves or die trying.


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