“The Last Jedi” continues to spawn Internet discussion, while the rest of America moved onto a better than expected Jumanji sequel and Black Panther. What is it about the middle film of Star Wars trilogies getting so many feathers ruffled? I admit that I still find “Attack of the Clones” to be the worst Star Wars film ever made, but at times “The Last Jedi” starts to creep into the mix. That being said, why have I and other spent months dwelling on a Rian Johnson movie? Well, as opposed to the nerds that can’t walk off their boners regarding Brick.

As I mentioned in the theatrical review of The Last Jedi, expectations undermine experience. While an audience can clamor for change or newly defined experience, they don’t want it. What they want are a series of slight tweaks to formula. Even the mainstream’s trips to Video Game Jumanji and Wakanda are defined by previously having these excursions defined. “The Last Jedi” asks that you accept what crazed hermit Luke tells Rey on Ahch-To. What changes by sudden brute force?

The First Order will become something else, the galaxy will remain indifferent and journeys will keep returning to the Circle of Life. It’s a brutal philosophy that is highlight by the nature of the Porgs. I bet you thought they had nothing to do with the plot? Well, Rey’s first training session highlights their role. In the Porg’s role, we find our role. Cycles of life exist parallel to others, while the greater world is indifferent. Kylo Ren’s plan to eliminate the past doesn’t matter. The Sacred Texts in the Jedi Tree don’t matter. What matters is making that circle of experience bigger than what was previously perceived.

Poor ghost puppet Yoda tries to explain this in an extended cameo, but most of the World was giggling over the last ‘member berry to get stuck in their throat. Divorce yourself from the aesthetic value and understand what this film is saying. There is beauty in finality and understanding your personal loops. Nobody is ever gone because everything that ever happened is stuck with you forever. Honestly, I would’ve thought that a generation tripping over their dicks into the infinity of the Singularity would understand this.

People don’t change, but better people learn to understand the greater world. The Force bind the Galaxy together, who are you to fight the will of the Force? If it wants to Mary Poppins Leia’s ass back into a ship, it’s going to happen. If it wants to overpower Rey, it’s going to happen. There will be a Galaxy Far, Far Away long after the last Skywalker collapses. They served their point and now it’s the next person up. Embrace change, but change with reason.

The Star Wars rant will return in Solo in 7 weeks.


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  5. My only concern with this film is how badly the casino section played. It didn’t hit in the way Johnson wanted it to and thus, it damaged Finn’s character. You write an excellent piece here about the depth of this movie and what most people don’t see on the surface.

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