Prostitute assassin spy bombs Box Office: The Rhythm Section Blu-ray review

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The Rhythm Section is one of the biggest bombs of 2020. But, it came out so far before the Pandemic that it can’t rely on the Corona craziness to say that was the reason. Trolls 2: Let’s Fart One Out can blame any disease it wants, but we know it was a turd. Coming from the producers at EON, it was novel to see an effort for the Bond producers to break out of the typical.

Blake Lively got injured for this movie. That’s right, the good lady wife to Mr. Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place got messed up filming a movie that plays like a loose take on any better Besson film. So, what is Lady Deadpool supposed to do? The answer is play a lady that loses her family when their plane is blown up. This leads her to drugs and selling her body in London, as one does.

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Paramount shouldn’t be faulted on this one. A mid-range shoot with a prominent female lead working in the action genre, it should make its money back. But, there is so much thrown under hood and then shaken not stirred for a middlin’ audience. We have to deal with a mother’s grief, international prostitutes, government cover-ups, international terrorism and EON soft-testing the idea of a female Bond type.

Still, there’s something about global terrorism that isn’t catching fire like it did a decade ago. I don’t know if it was that last Bourne movie, but the thought of international elements killing the typical Westerner isn’t appealing anymore. Even if you gender flip the spy movie conceit and put her on a rip roaring rampage of revenge, people still aren’t biting. Sometimes, it just happens.

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Director Reed Morano is an up-and-coming talent. Coming off her achievements setting the visual cues for The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s easy to see how this should’ve been her next big leap. Sometimes, things don’t work out. It’s a shame, but I can see Morano helming bigger TV and Film projects in the future. Let’s chalk up The Rhythm Section as a missed oddity.

The Rhythm Section Blu-ray comes with deleted and extended scenes. Plus, you get featurettes and even more bonus content. Most of the material was created as an effort to promote the film before and after its release date shifts. While informative, they’re not going to make fans out of anyone that isn’t already onboard. If you’re curious, go ahead and pick up The Rhythm Section. It’s no dumber than dropping 20 bucks renting Trolls 2: Universal Hates Theater Chains.

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The Rhythm Section is available May 5th, 2020

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