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Silent Rage (Retro VHS)

Silent Rage is the best kind of 80s film. Exploitation that hits multiple sweet spots while taking itself super serious. This film is about a small-time Sheriff who has no time for the local academics, biker gang and his goofy deputy. Things go from bad to worse when he learns that the local psycho is an unstoppable killer made by a Research Institute. Every time this crazy wacko dies, genetic engineering brings him back for another fight. Thankfully, Norris is here to kick him back to Hell.

Chuck Norris movies appeal to a certain demographic and I get how they don’t appeal to others. I was an arthouse snob that didn’t start taking these films as a serious pieces of the American film experience until much later. However, Silent Rage attempts to be five movies at once and none of them have a real ending. If you can swing that, then it’s for you. Otherwise, you can sit back and enjoy Ron Silver acting the living hell out of every scene he gets. No one told him this film wouldn’t be submitted to the Academy.

Silent Rage is available in its VHS packaging as a Wal-Mart exclusive until January 15th. Mill Creek has another winner!

Silent Rage

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