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“Silencer” brings the border crisis to the forefront for viewers. But, it also channels a low-budget Replacement Killers vibe. Anyways, I enjoy any film that lets Danny Trejo play the bad guy. Trejo has a realistic motivation for hiring his ex-sniper buddy out of retirement. It’s just that he goes after everything for the wrong reasons. This leads to Chuck Liddell getting to chew scenery and raise the stakes even further. Hell, I even enjoyed the supporting role that Tito Ortiz got in the middle of the flick.

If anything, the film functions as a far more intimate Sicario. I know that it’s short hand for any recent border related action crime tale to be compared to Sicario. Well, it’s going to happen for a few more years before we move onto another zeitgeist movie. That being said, Silencer feels way more dirtier and personal. Sicario still had a Hollywood gloss, while this feels staged in a way to achieve near realism. Honestly, it’s my kind of action movie.

Will it be for everyone? Of course not. But, it hits that B-movie action sweet spot that has a dedicated fanbase. Check it out.


  • 1 hr and 28 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Cinedigm

RELEASE DATE: 9/4/2018

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