“Show Dogs” is a film about a streetwise NYPD K9 officer who accidentally exposes an FBI Agent. The duo team up to rescue an expensive dog named Ling-Ling. The plan is this dog-napping gang will sell Ling-Ling at a dog show in Atlantic City. The NYPD cop dog needs help to infiltrate this world, so human FBI man rescues Stanley Tucci to give him some tips. This leads to a world where a groomer and a litany of poorly animated dog cameos will pay for people to get summer homes.

A couple of pigeons show up to work as aerial recon, but that’s when I checked out. My attention returned from time-to-time when I recognized a new voice. I still found it odd that they had RuPaul voice the ugliest dog on camera. But, someone is always going to end up drawing the short straw. What else is there to say about the movie? “Turner & Hooch” looks as edgy as The Wire when compared to this movie? Will Arnett is wasted on schlock like this?

I hate to see the kind of kid this entertains. No, I hate to see the parent that pays for this kid to see this movie over doing something better. Poor entertainment choices always start somewhere. But, hey! It’s an entertainment babysitter where the heroes don’t die at the end.


  • 1 hr and 32 mins
  • PG
  • Open Road Films


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