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Sewer Gators is here to crap on your day

The promise of Sewer Gators is finally coming true. By that I mean, we’re finally getting a modern movie about alligators eating rats and swimming in brown water. While that might sound gross, so does animals existing in the waterways of your major municipalities. Just watch the trailer.

Killer alligator movies haven’t been fairing that well recently. Well, Crawl was pretty awesome. Hopefully, this is the start of better things. Scream Factory dropped the Alligator 4K UHD disc a few weeks back and it seemed like things were looking up.

Sewer Gators is here to crap on your day 1

Sewer Gators is coming to Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on June 3rd

There’s also going to be a collectible VHS for the hipsters available at By the Horns.

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