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Sesame Street Celebrate Family review

Sesame Street returns with Celebrate Family. Framing the episodes around the Sesame Street muppets honoring and taking care of their family, it’s pretty refreshing. No one is trying to teach or push directly. However, kids get to learn about emotional growth and what it means to be part of a bigger community. If the main entry isn’t enough, you also get a ton of bonus episodes and special features.

Some of the Muppets might be new to me, but my kid gets the point of what’s going down. It’s just people enjoying their families and partying down with their grandparents. The Street has changed so much, but the intent is familiar. Even when the Henson barrio is filled with wrong-sounding muppets…the goals remain the same. I just wish that I didn’t have to have HBO to watch the new episodes first.

Sesame Street Celebrate Family special features

  • Full-Length Episode: Siblings
  • Elmo’s World: Families
  • Sesame Studios: Marvie’s Song For Dad

Celebrate Family

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