“Scalpel” is a Southern Gothic tale about a doctor trying to find his daughter while helping another woman. When the doctor gets cut out of his rich father’s will, he cooks up a plan. The grandfather left the doctor’s missing daughter all of his money. In order to get his hands on the $5 million in play, the doctor uses early plastic surgery to rebuild this new woman’s face. Now, the duo are passing her off as the missing kid so they can collect the money. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.

What makes it even more fun is seeing a young Sandy Martin show up roughly 30 years before playing Mac’s mom on Sunny. The thriller nature of the film is quite fun, even if the movie starts to damper after an hour. The film was on VHS secondary labels for ages before it disappeared in the 1990s. I’m totally thrilled to see Arrow dipping into the well this far. It’s just that the movie is lesser horror from the mid 1970s.

That being said, it’s something to experience at least once. Hell, you might like the twist.


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