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Santa Isn’t Real Brings Thrilling Holiday Horror to VOD December 8

A demented new holiday horror flick is coming down the chimney when Santa Isn’t Real premieres on digital platforms on December 8th courtesy of XYZ Films. Writer-director Zac Locke twists yuletide cheer into a terrifying ordeal.

After being attacked on Christmas Eve, a young woman named Nikki tries convincing her friends that Santa was the culprit. When Saint Nick returns to terrorize the group at a remote cabin the next holiday, they must fight to survive.

Santa Isn’t Real promises to turn nostalgic holiday staples into twisted icons of terror. Locke, known for films like The Voyeurs and Black Christmas, puts his horror sensibilities to work in this chilling yuletide genre entry.

By weaponizing beloved traditions against characters, Santa Isn’t Real looks to provide a subversive seasonal shocker. Locke’s script explores trauma and how well-intentioned comforts can haunt victims.

Santa Isn't Real Brings Thrilling Holiday Horror to VOD December 8 1

When Kringle comes to slay, a group of friends must band together against seemingly playful icons warped into horror.

Get ready for some slay rides and creepy carols when Santa Isn’t Real sleighs its way to digital platforms December 8th. ‘Tis the season for some holiday horror done right.

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