“Rushlights” has been recut into a film that runs much tighter. The initial hook-up between the two leads plays like something that aired late on Cinemax now. But, the initial setup for the heroes going on the lam feels less drawn out. While most of the other character work hasn’t changed, the slow crowd might have some difficulty buying into the premise. I hear the label neo-noir thrown around and I’m not sure if it applies. Aidan Quinn gets that Ray Milland style role as the credible actor lifting up the film from its B roots.

But, that’s almost part of a larger statement on how movies like this work. It’s less about world building and more about keeping the intensity high. If you can enjoy film as a thrill ride, then this will work for you. If that can’t cut it, then you’ll find yourself mesmerized by how Bridges and Quinn blows everyone else out of the water. Choose wisely and go from there. For I enjoyed the film and appreciate it far more than its original cut.


As a filmmaker I am pleased to have the rare opportunity to present to the audience, the cineaste’s, fans and critics alike: THE UNRATED DIRECTORS CUT of RUSHLIGHTS.

The film has been recut, the sound is re-mastered, scenes have been added. I very much hope that you enjoy this new, alternative version of Rushlights. This cut of the film is much closer to what I had in mind initially. 

In a nutshell: Its edgier, the gloves are off! Last but not least I would like to thank the distributer Vertical in particular Mitch Budin for backing the idea of releasing this edition, the directors cut of Rushlights. 

– Antoni Stutz, Director


  • 82%
    Film Score - 82%

The Plot Thus Far

Billy and Sarah, two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend’s inheritance.

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