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Hello there, sports fans! This is David A. Barrios again with AndersonVision, just tossing the good word to all of you about the new series horror series released by Lionsgate; Ghost House Underground. Released in conjunction with film producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, the films in this anthology are produced from around the world and are all brought together in this set to create a new look at horror in the new age.

Mr. Tapert was kind enough to sit down with us for just a few minutes to discuss the project, his and Sam’s involvement and his own personal opinions about the studio system among other things.

I began by asking, “Why Lionsgate? Why work with them to release these films?”

Tapert responded by saying, “Well, it’s true that we’ve had relationships with other studios. Last year, we were working with Sony on one of our films, and we may very well go back to them if the situation calls for it. But I’ve got to tell you; this is the perfect type of project for Lionsgate. They’re not a big studio in terms of films and production or a huge release catalogue, but the people that they have working with them know how to market the product to the people that we want to pick this up. They are huge, and they knew just what to do with this horror eight pack.”

“Why these films though,” I went on to ask.

“You’ve got to understand that every year, thousands of films come to Hollywood from many independent film makers from around the world. Some of them are not so good, others are worth a shot at watching. It’s sad really. And many of these film directors loose money in their investments and have their film just die. So we sifted through a ton of these independent horror films and we just picked eight that seemed to be the best and representative of what horror is today.”

            “That’s not a bad idea,” I said.

            “Of course it isn’t. We pick up the best films, me and Sam and then we help the filmmakers out so that they can pay off their debts with the distribution deal, etc. etc. And of course, we see fresh and inventive movie making for horror fans. And I know that we’re in the process of working with some of the young filmmakers to develop and produce or distribute their future products”.

            “Do you have any favorite films in the batch along with Sam,” I asked.

            “Well, they’re all a batch of favorite films I’m afraid. That’s the concept of the set. But, there’s one film from Europe, I believe called “The Substitute,” that is just magnificent. See, we tried to get a bunch of movies that were representative of different areas in horror. Some of the films are slasher movies, others are more based on suspense, and this film, “The Substitute,” is our horror comedy. Sam and I saw it and we were just laughing our heads off. It’s just insanely funny and with a great cast and premise. That’s one of the films in the set that really stands out for me. But, I recommend you just pick up the set.”

            Which is what I’m recommending to all of the horror fans who frequent this site to do.

The DVDs included in the “Ghost House Underground “ are “Dance of the Dead”, “No Man’s Land: The Rise of the Reeker”, “The Substitute”, “Dark Floors”, “Trackman”, “Room 205”, “Last House in the Woods” and “Brotherhood of Blood”.

It’s a great set. I own it. You’ll have fun. Trust me.

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