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“Power Rangers” is here and it plays like a Max Landis pitch video that actually made it to theaters. When grimdark gave way, a new trend emerged for these kinds of movies. The untold origin/revamp of a property that is pretty well-known. While the original series fell slightly after my time, I could still break down the basics of the Power Rangers. That’s when this film is here to blow your mind with some changes. Rita Repulsa is a Green Ranger turned bad and Zordon is the Red Ranger that survived her initial rage. Years later, their battle is on Earth and it involves new teenagers.

Somewhere in the mix, a woke writer would be able to find a parallel to this move and Warfare. But, I’m not woke as so many readers like to remind me. What I found was a clever casting choice to blend a diverse cast that feels more Captain Planet than it does Power Rangers. You’ve got the Urbane, the boring and the LGBTQ girl ranger to keep all audiences engaged. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve seen most of the humor and stylized action that you’ll find in the film. So, why should you go watch it?

Cranston and Banks don’t phone this one in. I’m not sure how involved they are in the future of this franchise, but they’re throwing down hard to create a bedrock for a franchise. Unfortunately, they are the only ones trying this hard. The teenagers have to deal with the brunt of the poor decisions. This movie wants to be Sci-Fi space opera, a Hughesian teenager study and a giant Kaiju attack movie. It gets aspects of 1 and 3 done, but fails hard at number 2.

I do believe that enough audiences will see this in theaters to squeak a sequel into development. It’s just a future film will have to hit the ground running to make up for potential lost here. There are logic issues behind the Rangers’ morphing to explain. There’s a ton about Zordon’s back story to hammer out. Plus, they have to do something Alpha 5. Fans will enjoy this with some reservations, but kids will eat this up.


  • 2 hrs and 4 mins
  • PG-13
  • Lionsgate


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