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Picasso Trigger [Blu-ray review]

Picasso Trigger is one of those movies I missed on first-run. I was part of the generation that discovered them during their second lives on premium cable. While the nudity and sexual intrigue was way below standard Cinemax fare, the movies were pretty interesting as B-level action. Plus, Andy Sidaris actually had an eye for shooting these movies. But, who was Andy Sidaris?

Andy Sidaris was an Andy Hardy type that loved making tits and guns movies. There are nicer ways of putting it, but I admire the auteur flair presented here. While none of the movies ever cracked two hours, they always treated the material like it was a studio blockbuster.  The Blu-ray comes with an introduction from Sidaris, commentary, featurette and trailers. I’d recommend it.

Picasso Trigger arrives on July 9th

Picasso Trigger


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