PAN 17

The boy that never grew up stars in the movie that never found a point.

Who was trying to tank this movie?

“Pan” was so awful that it’s naturally going to be a cult hit. Playing modern music with World War II era London, then smashing together a brutal revision of the Pan story creates something intriguing on paper. However, I’m never quite sure where to look at this wreck. The plot keeps rewriting itself while Hugh Jackman believes that he’s in a far better movie. If that wasn’t enough, Amanda Seyfried pops up as a living studio note meant to keep this film on target. I had a mini poster of the film by my side as I watched it. I kept staring long and hard at that Joe Wright directing credit and wondering where went the Joe Wright that I had grown to respect. Every director is due an “Always”, but hell. Pick it up as a lark around the Holidays. If you can still catch it in theaters, I’d be stunned.


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