“Operation Mekong” is loosely based on a real event. The rest of the movie is a Chinese cinema riff on Cannon Films from the mid 1980s. Do you want to see drug dealers get blown apart? Do you want to see good guys win? Well, this is the typical action film for you. While it’s weird to see the Asian market delve into such by-the-numbers military action, it’s pretty intriguing. Well, moreso than what we get in America.

What messed me up was the inability to decipher whether it was the Chinese military or their version of the DEA. No one really pins down an exact answer, but they shoot guns well. Also, I didn’t quite the international response presented in the film. When we get the government stuff, it seems like the effort is made to keep it quiet. Then, it seems like we almost have a United Nations moment towards the end. It’s confusing, but not terrible.

So, what does that mean for the discerning action fan? You’ve seen this film before and achieved slightly better. Still, it’s well shot and quite worth an afternoon viewing.


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  • 2.39:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS: X


  • 95%
    Video - 95%
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    Audio - 94%
  • 90%
    Supplemental Material - 90%
  • 92%
    Film Score - 92%

The Plot Thus Far

Two Chinese merchant ships were attacked in Mekong river and 13 crews were killed. Thai policemen found 9 hundred thousand crystal meth on the ships. This new shocked China. Gang Gao, the leader of Narcotics Corps in Yun Nan province was assigned to lead a special team to Golden Triangle to investigate. Cooperated with a informer, Fanxin Wu, Gao discovered that 13 crew member were brutally murdered and framed up. Gao and Wu decided to fight for justice out of China no matter what it takes.

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