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Omen Trailer Showcases Congolese Director Baloji’s Magic Realist Vision

The official trailer has arrived for the upcoming magic realist drama Omen, the feature debut of acclaimed Congolese musician and artist Baloji. Blending secrets and sorcery, Omen utilizes mystical elements to explore identity and belief through a stunning visual palette.

Omen follows Koffi, a young Congolese man who returns to his hometown of Kinshasa after years in Belgium. But when a nosebleed is mistaken for a curse, Koffi finds himself shunned by his own family as tensions around heritage and tradition erupt.

Writer-director Baloji, already renowned as a musician, utilizes lyrical imagery and dreamlike flourishes to bring the story to life. Omen delves into the intricacies of culture and “undesirables” through its rich cinematic lens.

Omen Trailer Showcases Congolese Director Baloji's Magic Realist Vision 1

Baloji’s blending of arts reflects his multifaceted talents. Along with two acclaimed albums, his work spans painting, comics, photography and more. Omen represents Baloji’s feature directorial debut after establishing his voice across artistic mediums.

Born in the DRC and based in Belgium, Baloji’s name refers to both occult forces and traditional healers. This duality infuses his unique perspective that melds realism with surreal fantasy.

Don’t miss the trailer for Baloji’s enveloping vision when Omen arrives in 2024.

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