Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams is the Nick Kroll movie I didn’t expect to see in 2020. The film stars former Olympian Alexi Pappas as a world-class skier that is feeling lonely. Shot against the snowy landscape of South Korea, we see her meet up with a volunteer dentist. Nick Kroll dials back his usual antics to play a capable romantic lead. Together, they tread ever so lightly into Before Sunrise territory.

Shot around the Winter Olympics of 2018, the film doesn’t feel like Escape from Tomorrow. Olympic Dreams feels almost like a found footage romantic comedy at points. We’re watching two lonely bond and grow close as they learn new things about themselves. Pappas has dabbled in indie film before and the results were excellent. However, I wonder if this film is too laid back to catch on with mainstream viewers.

But, isn’t that the curse of most indie films? You don’t want to be multiplex fare, but you always want to capture the same audiences. At times, it’s frustrating and even the spectacle of the Winter Olympics can’t help you get a full audience share. It doesn’t matter, as you are doing something special. You’re telling others about the lives of two people growing beyond their failings.

I enjoy seeing films like this because our international cinema experience is better for these kinds of work. However, I’m not going to say that everyone will find them entertaining. At times, I felt that Olympic Dreams could’ve work better as a film short. Take that for what you will. Just make sure to check it out!

Olympic Dreams is available feb 14th!

Olympic Dreams

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