Did you forget about Fukushima? Pepperidge Farms and PBS remembers.

Nuclear energy is clean, but scary.

“Nuclear Meltdown Disaster” is a NOVA special that looks at how Fukushima went down. Going minute-by-minute, you’ll be scared to even drive near a nuclear plant. PBS also provides those terrifying personal interviews with people who know too much about what happened and don’t filter to the public properly. This is much different than the usual talking heads you see on History Channel.

The people interviewed here should probably stop talking about a full 30 seconds before they end. TEPCO looks incompetent to a point, but the documentary does have a point. A lot of the issues came down to base construction. I’d hate to imagine a similar scenario happening in America. We’d all be three eyed blinking fish by now. The DVD comes with no special features.

RELEASE DATE: 10/27/2015

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