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Nightwing is Jaws with bats. It also was part of America’s 1970s fascination with Native American culture. But, it’s a cultural understanding through the Drive-In circuit. That’s how an investigation into a dead horse can lead to millions of bats trying to eat people. What’s so great about the film is seeing David Warner and others fight killer Bubonic plague infected bats to the soothing sounds of late 70s country music. Check it out, folks.

Shadow of the Hawk is from an era where America was being forced to accept Jan-Michael Vincent. In this film, Chief Dan George is trying to pass on his shaman ways to his grandson. The young kid is too busy cruising and eating burgers to put up with this crap. So, what happens when a native culture is getting its ass kicked by pleasures of the modern world? Stay tuned and find out!




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