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New Thriller On Fire Blazes Into Theaters This September

Get ready to feel the heat when the intense survival thriller On Fire ignites in theaters nationwide on September 29.

Directed by Nick Lyon, this visually stunning film throws audiences into the heart of a devastating forest fire’s destruction. Through gripping action and relatable characters, On Fire stands as both a white-knuckle ride and a wake-up call about nature’s formidable force.

Facing the Flames

On Fire follows an all-American working-class family called the Laughlins as a raging wildfire threatens their home and lives. With escape routes cut off by the spreading blaze, they must take a desperate stand or risk being consumed by the inferno.

Lyon thrusts viewers onto the firelines alongside the panicked family, capturing the full chaotic terror of such a scenario. Special effects and innovative filming techniques viscerally convey the surrounding walls of flame.

New Thriller On Fire Blazes Into Theaters This September 1

Paying Tribute to First Responders

In addition to the family’s plight, the film expands perspective by focusing on a rookie 911 operator tasked with guiding survivors to safety. This narrative thread pays tribute to the brave emergency responders who battle these catastrophic events.

On Fire ultimately delivers both white-knuckle emergency action as well as thoughtful themes about humanity’s relationship with nature. It promises to get pulses racing while also providing food for thought.

Lyon’s Signature High-Concept Thrills

Known for elevating genre films through smart concepts and execution, Nick Lyon previously directed award-winning horror and sci-fi titles. His skill at grounding fantastical scenarios in human emotion shines through in On Fire’s combination of visceral thrills and relatable characters.

Along with standout visuals, Lyon enlisted a stellar cast including Peter Facinelli, Fiona Dourif and Lance Henriksen to maximally engage the audience. The overall package cements his reputation as a rising directorial talent able to tackle any genre.

A Timely Call to Action

With wildfires only growing more extreme worldwide, On Fire arrives as a timely wake-up call about protecting communities and landscapes. Lyon hopes the film inspires respect for the staggering power of nature.

Don’t miss this scorching thriller when it hits theaters on September 29, ready to have audiences on the edge of their seats.

On Fire promises to light up the fall movie season with its unique blend of humanity and white-knuckle action.

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