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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for 35th Anniversary Season

Beloved cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) has unveiled a new crowdfunding initiative to create its 35th anniversary season in 2023. Series creator Joel Hodgson has set an initial goal of $4.8 million to produce an expanded 14th season.

MST3K stars human hosts trading wisecracks with robot sidekicks as they riff on cheesy B-movies. Its “Watch Out for Snakes!” Tour and recent seasons on Netflix have continued the show’s legacy and rabid fanbase.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for 35th Anniversary Season 1

Now Hodgson is utilizing a direct-to-fan model to keep the laughter going into the milestone 35th year. Fans can contribute via the new crowdfunding platform The Showmaker, tailored for future MST3K campaigns.

What’s Included in the 14th Season

The base $4.8 million goal will fund:

  • 6 new feature-length episodes
  • 6 new shorts
  • 18 classic episodes with HD visual upgrades
  • Further development of the online viewing hub and community Gizmoplex

If funding exceeds the goal, the season will expand with more new episodes and upgraded classics. At $7.4 million, the season balloons to 12 new episodes and 36 enhanced retrospectives.

Back to the Gizmoplex

After leaving Netflix, MST3K found its new home on the Gizmoplex platform, created specifically for the show and its fans. The crowdfunding model also allows the community to directly enable future seasons.

While cast details are still forthcoming, Hodgson confirmed all major players from recent seasons will return. Production will be handled by the newly christened Gizmonic Arts, formerly Alternaversal.

Support the 35th Anniversary

Fans can back the 35th anniversary season and the future of their favorite sci-fi comedy series at Together, the MST3K community can keep the laughter and invention going strong into 2023.

Follow the #BringBackMST3K campaign on social media and help this cult sensation crowdfund another hilarious season worth waiting 18 years for.

As Hodgson says, MST3K’s continued success is a testament to its creators and most of all, its loyal fans.

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