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Modern Family Season Six Arrives on DVD September 22. Win a Copy at AndersonVision!

(1) DVD copy of Modern Family Season Six is available to win.


  1. Read the following facts about Modern Family.

Think you know everything about Modern Family?

Here are a few fun facts about the cast of Nominated for Six Emmy® Awards including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Casting For a Comedy Series!


  • Nolan Gould, who plays “dumb” Luke Dunphy, has actually been a member of Mensa since he was 4.


  • Full name of Manny’s character is Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro Delgado


  • Eric Stonestreet is a Kansas native who wanted to become a clown as a kid. In fact, his childhood invention of “Fizbo” the clown has now been resurrected on “Modern Family.”


  • Julie Bowen was 8 months pregnant with twins in the Modern Family pilot.


  • In early seasons, Jay kept forgetting that Mitchell was gay. This was added in after the producers heard Jesse Tyler Ferguson’sreal experience with coming out to his father three times.


  • During the early seasons, Jay would constantly forget that his son Mitchell was gay. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, says the idea came from his own real life experience since he had to come out to his real father three different times over a period of several years.


The honeymoon is over, but the laughs continue in Season Six of “Modern Family,” winner of five consecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. As freshly hitched Cam and Mitch acclimate to the realities of wedded bliss, Phil and Claire find their marriage stressed by annoying neighbors, Thanksgiving dinner gone awry and Claire’s online snooping. Meanwhile, a spy-camera drone wreaks havoc in Jay and Gloria’s backyard and a close call on the highway leads to amusing changes in various members of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan. It all adds up to the funniest season yet of this brilliant and acclaimed comedy.

  1. Did you read all of those facts?
  2. Now, make up a random fact about the show. The funnier the better. By funny, I mean something that makes me laugh.
  3. Submit your facts to @AVCentral on Twitter or post them on the Facebook page.
  4. You really want to win? Get your fact posted on the FOX Social Media pages or get it said to a cast member. Hell, if you go that far…I’ll throw in extra swag.
  5. One winner will be selected and we’ll grab mailing info at that point.


Modern Family Season Six Arrives on DVD September 22!

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