“Mission Impossible” gets the 4K treatment. What’s weird is seeing a movie that I watched to the point of borderline obsession getting such an upgrade. While it’s a true 4K master, it also highlights many of the technical shortcomings of film shots before the late 90s CG saturation. Blacks crush like a ton of bricks and scenes transition with enough haze to make a cinematographer jump out a window. Honestly, I was waiting for the first film release to highlight this and I think Paramount stumbled onto an interesting conundrum.

Stephen Burum is a talented DP and DePalma had the legendary Paul Hirsch edit the film. So, what happened? The answer is simple. Time happened and time makes fools of many micro trends and tech failures of the past. Hell, haven’t you wonder why most of the mid 70s American cinema classics look like they were shot under a foot of Vaseline? Pleasing aesthetic value has the lifespan of Confederate currency. You have 4 solid years of it being a trend and then it begins aging poorly.

Paramount was notorious for this in the 90s, as everything from “Jade” to “The Saint” sported that soft black haze when scenes sped up or there had to be a quick edit. But, you ask…what about the movie? As lead-up to MI: Fallout hitting theaters at the end of July, I invite you to remember what happened in this movie. Emilio died in an elevator shaft, gum exploded, Jean Reno learned where not to fly a helicopter and Jon Voight became a traitor. In between that action, the famous CIA HQ heist and Ethan Hunt becoming a star happened. So, now what?

Well, you hang back and watch how a 22 year old film francise birthed 6 movies. It’s like America fought its natural inclination to over-saturate the market. Cruise took the best directors and made six wildly different action movies. For now, we’ll talk about the first five on 4K and eventually bring you thoughts on Fallout. Enjoy!


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  • 2.40:1 2160p transfer
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1


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