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Memories of Me (1988)

Memories of Me was a super lazy movie. Shot on the MGM Studio lot, the film is a light father-son story. Bouncing between a few sets, the film wants you to believe that this world is much larger than it is. Henry Winkler was still shaking the Fonz image, as he wanted to flex his muscle as a director. Did audiences see the talent that would later make Cop & A Half? I would say nay. However, you do get a Sean Connery cameo that is painfully out of place. Plus, Alan King is always good for a lark.

That being said, I’m truly dumbfounded by the rhyme and reason of the MVD Marquee Collection. It’s neat to see older films get deep dive treatments on Blu-ray. However, there are far more deserving films than this to finally get an HD or home video bow. Every movie has its importance, but this feels like it could’ve been bundled with any number of MGM or Winkler films. How many people want to see a movie about Billy Crystal reconnecting with Alan King? Does anyone under 30 know who Alan King is anymore?

Hell, I had a reader ask me if he was related to Larry King. Anymore, I’m just astounded when they know anyone that isn’t a YouTuber. Get off my lawn.

Memories of Me hits Blu-ray on November 27th

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